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What Shampoo to Use on Puppies

Dog shampoo Recipe 101 – Ingredient Buying Guide

Did you know that your dog’s skin is three times more sensitive than yours? That is why you should never use human shampoo on your pet. A typical human shampoo contains ingredients that are harsh on sensitive skin.  Shampoo for humans does not contain the ingredients necessary for cleaning, moisturizing, and deodorizing your beloved pet. […]

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Pet welfare 101 What shampoo can I use on my dog

Dog shampoo vs human shampoo – Are they the same?

Dog skin and human skin are totally different. Even the hair is not the same. This is the most important thing that pet owners should know because sometimes, pet owners use human products on their dogs. This article shows a comparison of dog shampoo vs. human shampoo, and the effects of using human shampoo on […]

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