Chris Christensen White On White Shampoo For Pets – Whitens and Brightens

Chris Christensen White On White Shampoo For Pets
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If you like to show off your dog, you need them in perfect looking condition, without dirt and stains and Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets will help to keep your pet shining. This product will be an ideal addition to your grooming toolkit. Some shampoos can make the fur look yellowish and dull.

This product can remove the yellowish color of the coat and gives it a lustrous shine. Some strong shampoos can cause hair loss, inflammation, and cracking of the skin, etc. White on White Shampoo is a safer option for bathing pets as it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

This product also comes with soft fragrance to keep the coat fresh for longer time. You can get the crisp whiteness desired for your dog’s coat by washing your dog with White on White Shampoo.

Make sure that you keep the product on the coat for at least 10 minutes to get the result you are looking for.  This product is effective even on stubborn stains. All you need to do is apply this shampoo directly on the area and wait for five more minutes (for a total of 15 minutes) before you wash it off.  Try distracting fido with a treat or two…or three!

Features of White on White Shampoo

Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets,16 fl.oz.

The White on White Shampoo is a wonderful product from Chris Christensen for keeping the coat of your pet clean and white. The important features offered by this product are as follows.

  • Gets the yellow color out of the coat completely and makes the coat shine
  • This can be used on all coat types with long or short hair
  • It contains no bleaching agents to make the hair white, and hence safe to use
  • Produces lustrous sheen on darker coat colors
  • Manufactured in the USA!  Awesome!
  • Contains no harsh chemicals, softening agents and caustic soda hence no irritation to normal skin
  • Uses color pigment deposit system to make the hair look whiter
  • Drying the coat after washing will be easy
  • Whiteness lasts up to four weeks when washed once


  • Offers extraordinary cleansing
  • Keeps the pets in show ready condition
  • Easy to apply and use and requires only 10 minutes to act
  • Easily available from online shopping sites
  • Does not harm the coat like bleaching agents
  • Can be used on dogs, cats, chickens, etc.
  • Gives semi-permanent color which doesn’t rub off on clothes or hands


  • The hair strand test is needed, especially for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Pricier than other shampoos
  • Cannot be used on dogs with allergies


Your dogs coat not only makes them attractive, but plays an important role in keeping them healthy. Using Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo ensures that the coat is dirt free and stain free and healthy. Bad quality hair whitening shampoos and products can cause hair loss.

Only specialized product like Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets are specially formulated and designed for your pet. This product can balance, restore and enhance the whiteness of the hair of the pets. This product makes the hair manageable and adds texture to the hair.

The fresh and clean fragrance will make your pet feel fresh. The whiteness lasts for 3-4 weeks and hence there is no need to wash the pet regularly to keep it neat and bright. There is no need to dilute the product as they are safe on the skin and hair.

You can get complete value for the money when you select this product for your dog. The hair strand test will tell you whether the product is suitable for your dog. This product can be used on light colored as well as white coated pets for stain removal with ease.


The qualities and the features of the Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets can be judged only if it is compared with two or three of other popular shampoo products in the same price bracket. The first shampoo that is used for comparison is the Petpost Dog Whitening Shampoo.

The main disadvantage that many of the dog lovers see in this product is that it comes with a watermelon fragrance that many cannot digest. It offers decent whitening of the dog’s coat and is a safe and harmless to use on a dog’s hair and skin much like the Chris Christensen whitening shampoo.

Both the shampoos will remove the toughest dirt and the stains on the dog’s hair. The Chris Christensen shampoo can be used on all colored dog furs and will remove all the yellow stains on the dog coat.

The second product chosen for comparison with the Chris Christensen whitening shampoo is the Pet MD Benzoyl Peroxide Medicated Shampoo for dogs and cats. This is a medicated shampoo and hence contains certain chemicals and bleaches.

It is not 100% natural product made using only natural oils. It will be effective in removing acne, irritations, and itching that the dog feels. But, the shampoo will not make the coat of the dog turn silky and smooth.

It is free from soap and paraben, but there are chemicals like salicylic acid, peroxide, and sulfur used in making the shampoo that can sometimes damage the skin and the result in hair loss on prolonged use.


All in all, the Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for pets is the best whitening treatment shampoo for dog lovers looking to get rid of the yellow color and tough stains on the dog’s coat. This white on white shampoo can be used on all kinds of dog coats and skins. It is not harmful when used on puppies and small breed dogs.

The best part is that there are no harsh chemicals, bleaching agents or softening agents used to make the shampoo. This makes it a natural conditioning shampoo to use on a dog’s hair to make it smooth and silky to touch.

The result will be visible to your naked eyes within two weeks of regular application. The sheen and the shine on darker colored dogs makes you fall in love with this product. This is an ideal whitening shampoo to use on all dogs with attractive white fur.

With features like good smell, non drying shampoo, silky and shiny dog coat and affordable pricing, the Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo must be seen in every dog household.

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