Dog shampoo 101 – Dog shampoo recipe, buying guide, and more

Dog shampoo 101 – Dog shampoo recipe, buying guide, and more

Did you know that your dog’s skin is three times more sensitive than yours? That is why you should not use your shampoo on them. A typical human shampoo contains ingredients that are harsh on sensitive skin, and it does not contain the ingredients necessary for cleaning, moisturizing, and deodorizing your beloved pet. This article will give you a dog shampoo recipe, buying guide, and more.

Yes, you can actually make homemade dog shampoo. Dog shampoos contain natural ingredients that are easily found in the kitchen. What makes a homemade dog shampoo?

The following are the ingredients of dog shampoo recipe. While each ingredient has unique characteristics, when combined all together, they result in a safe formula to effectively cleanse, moisturize, and deodorize your pet.

Dog shampoo recipe ingredients


Vinegar for dog shampoo recipes can be white or apple cider vinegar. Vinegar does the major portion of the cleansing due to its anti-bacterial properties. Although it has a strong odor, vinegar also acts as a deodorant because the smell is easily washed away. It also makes dog hair glossy.

Castile soap

Castile soap is an affordable, natural vegetable and olive oil based soap. It helps in moisturizing the pet skin and it is safe and mild on sensitive skin. You can find castile soap in liquid form to use in your dog shampoo recipe. The liquid form mixes easily with other ingredients. In solid form, it can be directly used and lathered on pets.

Vegetable glycerin

Glycerin acts as a moisturizer. It replenishes the natural oils that are stripped away during washing, and protects skin from getting dry and irritated, while making it soft and healthy.

Essential oils

Essential oils come are found in nature. They provide a refreshing smell and protect pets from lice. Examples of essential oils are chamomile, citrus, lavender, lemon, orange, and more. However, it is important to ask a veterinarian before adding a particular essential oil. There are specific kinds of essential oil, such as tea tree and pennyroyal, which may be harmful to certain dog breeds.

Dog shampoo recipe to prevent lice

If your beloved dog is infested with lice, you can use these ingredients for your homemade dog shampoo: 1 quart of water, 1 cup of baby shampoo, and 1 cup of vinegar. Mix all the ingredients together and use accordingly. It is recommended to wash your dog using this mixture more frequently to make sure that the lice or fleas are eliminated.

How to make dog shampoo

Now that you know the essential ingredients in dog shampoo, let us learn how to make them into a homemade dog shampoo.

  • Prepare a bottle where you will put all in the ingredients
  • Pour ½ cup of liquid castile soap in through a funnel
  • Add ¼ cup of vinegar (white or apple cider), 2 Tbsp. of water, and 1 Tbsp. of olive oil or vegetable glycerin
  • For the essential oils, pour in 3-4 drops
  • When all the dog shampoo recipe ingredients are inside the bottle, shake it well to mix them properly
  • The soap will combine everything, but you will need to shake it well before every use

How to apply homemade dog shampoo

Using dog shampoo is the same as using a commercial dog shampoo. Wet your pooch with warm water. Put some drops of the dog shampoo on the fur. Lather it gently, but prevent it from getting into your pooch’s eyes. Rinse well to eliminate shampoo traces. Dry your pooch and groom them to your preference.

Personalized homemade dog shampoo

Now that you know the ingredients in a dog shampoo recipe and how to make it, you can experiment with different formulas, depending on your pet’s needs. You may also want to imitate commercial dog shampoo formulas such as palm oil, kelp oil, cellulose, citrus, and more.

Always remember to use only natural ingredients. Never add parabens, coloring chemicals, sulfates, preservatives, or other fillers that may harm the sensitive skin of your pet. Always protect the acid mantle or replenish it with a moisturizer. The acid mantle protects your dog’s skin from bacteria, viruses, and other harmful outdoor contaminants that may lead to skin dryness and irritation.

You can also buy a good dog shampoo if you do not have the time to make one. Make sure to examine the ingredients to ensure that you only use a dog shampoo with natural ingredients. You don’t want to compromise your pet’s wellness, so give them a product that is safe and gentle.

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