What Shampoo to Use on Puppies?

What Shampoo to Use on Puppies

The pet parent who is new to the strenuous activity is responsible for the health and well-being of the little one.

This requires comprehensive knowledge of how to take care of the little ball of mischief. If the pup is with her mother, then the latter takes care of the former’s grooming needs accordingly.

This is not the case if the little one is under your care. Pet owners often ask themselves or others that whether their pup needs a bath or not.

Well, puppies are explorers and the moment they go out to explore they do get messy. Due to their natural predatory instincts, rolling inside a pile of poop or that of a decomposing carcass is among their favorite pastimes.

All of these add up to the puppy being too stinky to be led inside without a proper bath. Different to the fun part, there could be instances when your puppy might need to be given a bath due to health issues.

Any skin issueor an infection that might need a soothing medicated bath could be the driving cause behind your decision to give your puppy a bath.

Choosing the perfect Shampoo

For these early years of life, sponge bathsis a great option to a full scale bath for puppies. Only in extreme stinky situations, one should opt for giving their pups a dip.

The most important aspect to keep in mind is to never reach out to your own grooming products and apply the same on your pet puppy.

As per the ASPCA, human grooming products contains additives, chemicals and fragrances that might pose serious harm to the puppy’s sensitive skin.

Always opt for a shampoo that is tailored specifically to the puppy community and suits your puppy’s specific needs. Does the puppy have sensitive skin? Does the puppy have dry or irritable skin conditions?

Does the puppy have rashes that needs a medicated product to soothe the irritation and is recommended by the vet? All of these factors need to be kept in mind while shopping for a puppy shampoo.

There are numerous reasons to give your puppy a bath and countless products available that caters to the issue. Hence opting for the one that is safe for the puppy should always be a priority.

Read the Ingredient Details

The perfect shampoo for proper care can be determined by reading out the label of the product and the functionality of the same. Depending on your preference and convenience, you can either opt for a bar or liquid form of shampoo.

In case you are busy or don’t want to expose your puppy to a frightening experience of water, you can choose waterless shampoo products.

These shampoos don’t need to be rinsed off after application. Reading the label is an important aspect, but may be tempting enough to skip through by some of the lazy bones.

But bear this in mind, in case you aren’t aware about what’s in a product, how can you be sure that you are not exposing your puppy to harmful chemicals and additives?

Medicated Products

These are specially formulated products that treat symptoms like dandruff, skin irritations, excessive oil or dry skin conditions. Anti parasitic medicated shampoos are meant for those dogs that have flea or tick infestations in their fur.

The shampoos that provide protection from fleas and ticks will help in curbing the flea or tick number on your puppy’s body.

This is done by causing hindrance to the life cycle of the flea and preventing the same to reach their adult form. The products are laden with additives that also prevent the eggs of the fleas to hatch.

There are also products available in the market that is anti-fungal. These cater to the owners whose dogs or puppies are suffering from fungal infections by hindering the life cycle of the fungus.

For the puppies that have super sensitive skin, the antiallergenic shampoos provide relief to them due to the active ingredients such as aloe vera, oatmeal extract and vitamins.

There are also products like anti-seborrheic, anti-microbial and anti-pruritic products that prevent accumulation of microbes, prevent itchy skin and dandruff respectively.

Non-Medicated Products

The shampoos manufactured from naturally occurring ingredients and their respective derivatives are gentle in nature and offer less irritation to your puppy’s tender skin. The anti-flea as well as tick prevention shampoos are laden with additives and medications.

So choosing a product, which contains natural ingredients as the base might prove beneficial as they are less harsh on the skin of your puppy. Shampoos for treating fleas or ticks are preferred for eliminating any problem. There are products specifically designed for dogs and puppies that have a light colored coat and fur.

People having allergy dogs can breathe a sigh of relief as there are products available in the market that washes off dander from the fur of your puppy.

In the end, do keep this in mind, always opt for a shampoo that is crafted for puppies as the same tends to be extra mild over the skin of the little mutt and doesn’t cause irritation to the eyes and nose.


Keeping your puppy clean is a healthy practice, and it becomes a necessity when the same is not under the care of its mother. When the puppy is under its mother’s care the grooming needs is well looked after.

Since that is not possible in the case of a pet parent, periodic bathing and grooming sessions are necessary for both the pet and its parent’s sake. Grooming products helps in killing of germs and the parasitic insects such as ticks from the coat of the dog and leaving the same soft, shiny and clean.

The few of the products out there in the market that requires honorary mentions due to their unmatched product quality and rapport with the customers are mentioned below.

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