10 Things you should ask Yourself before getting a pet

Love Your Pets!

Asking yourself these 10 questions about getting a pet is a great way to start thinking about adding a new family member to your household.

It’s important to know all of the things that you need to prepare for adopting your new family member. What questions should you ask yourself before getting a puppy?  Should you get a small dog? 

Read on to see what needs of pets are important to consider before adopting them.

1. What kind of pet should you get?  Should I get a dog?  Should I get a dog or a cat? 

How do I choose the right pet?  Is getting a dog worth it?  Do some research and talk with friends and family about their experiences with cats and dogs.  You can get a feel for which kind of pet would be best for your lifestyle, the time commitment and cost involved. 

2. What breed should I get?

This is a very important thing to consider before getting a pet.  You don’t want to get an energetic hunting dog if you live in the city, or a yappy dog if you are an apartment dweller.  Should you get a small dog or a big dog?  Research the breeds you are interested in very carefully to see if they would be a good fit for your lifestyle.  Make sure that you aren’t getting a poorly bred dog by investigating the breeder.

3. Do you understand the cost of care for your pets? What are the Costs of Pet Ownership?

On top of the routine vet and grooming visits, there is the costs of good quality food, treats, flea treatments, nail trimmings, brushes, toys, shampoos, leashes, bedding…the list could go on and on.  Make sure you are prepared to take on the responsibility of a new pet.

4. Does your pet require routine grooming?

Cats require grooming too, especially long hair cats.  One of the things to consider when choosing a dog is if they have to get groomed regularly. Is there a trained groomer in your area?   Give them a call and ask what are the costs of grooming the type of cat or dog you are considering.  Or will you groom your pet yourself?  Consider reading our posts on puppy shampoo, dog shampoo and pet grooming to help you decide.  It is a great way to bond with your pet and save some money.dog training





5. The amount of patience it takes to train your new pet

Have you ever trained a pet?  Do you have the time and knowledge to focus on your new pet especially when they are first brought home?  Pets require training when they are first brought home, so that they understand the rules and get along with all family members, including your current pets.

Check out this video below and you'll see what we mean.  You have to invest time into your pet to get them working together with your family and behaving properly!  Brain Training for Dogs is a great solution offering resources from a Certified Dog Trainer to solve your dogs issues!

6. Do you know what supplies you need for your new pet?

10 things to consider before getting a petWhat do You need before getting a Dog?  Do have the necessary supplies?  What about getting a cat?  Litter box? Toys for their life stage? Good quality food?  The list can be endless.  Make sure you know what your pet needs and that you can afford the ongoing cost of pet supplies.

7. Consider adopting a rescue or from the SPCA.

I have an adopted dog and cat from the SPCA.  They have wonderful temperaments and are valued family members.  You won’t regret it!

8. Are you prepared for the Vet?

Do you have the time and the funds for routine vet visits for annual vaccinations, to get your pet spayed/neutered, check ups and what if there is an emergency?  These visits to the vet can be costly.

9. Does your schedule allow for daily exercise?

One of the questions to ask before getting a puppy is what kind of exercise, the intensity and how much daily exercise your pet needs according to their breed.

10. What kind of lifestyle do you live?

Are you physically active or do you prefer to stay home? Think of ways you can incorporate your new pet into your lifestyle on a daily basis.  A dog that requires intense exercise may not be for you if you can’t run them everyday.

Can you be home to care for your new pet, to exercise, feed and play with them?  Consider your work and social calendar.  If you can’t be home to let the dog out or feed them at a consistent time, perhaps a pet is not right for you at the moment.

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10 things you should consider before getting a pet