5 Best Dry Dog Shampoos

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5 best dry dog shampoos

Are there dry shampoos for dogs?  Yes!  The Best dry dog shampoo is basically a shampoo that are available in powder or gel form. You don’t need water and you rub it into your dog’s fur, and let it sit for a few  minutes and then brush it off.

Below, we review the top 5 best brands of dry dog shampoo to take out the guesswork for you.  

So, what is so great about dry dog shampoo?  Does dry dog shampoo work? Need fast dog cleaning results! Find out how with the dry dog shampoos below!

Fresh Dog Dry Shampoo Powder

best dry dog shampoo

Fresh Dog dry shampoo is suitable for all types of fur and coat. It balances the natural pH levels and is available in lavender rosemary scents.

It detangles your pets fur and deodorizes your pet.  It is all natural and free of dyes, parabens, preservatives and synthetic fragrances.

best dry dog shampoo

You can also use this product to freshen up your carpet and pets bedding.  Just sprinkle on, let it sit for a bit,then vacuum up.

This powder has won a ton of awards, you should check it out!

Viva La Dog Spa Powder Puff

dry dog shampoo

Viva La Dog Spa Powder Puff dry dog shampoo spray comes in a gentle tearless formula.

It’s bio degradable and comes with a powder puff scent.

The smell is comforting and the product is effective.  It detangles the hair without creating static.  It’s also made in the USA.

Top Performance Baby Powder Shampoo

best dry dog shampoo

This shampoo offers a fresh and long lasting scent. It is suitable for all kinds of coats and for pets suffering with various skin conditions. 

It comes in large 2.5 gallon size in case you have many pets to wash.  You can use this on pets as young as 6 weeks. 

This works on all kinds of pets so no need to buy a bunch of different products for each pet you have.

Four Paws Magic Coat

Perfect Puppy Dry Shampoo

Four Paws Magic Coat easy to use and comes in a color coded system. Its gentle formula allows it to be used as often as required.

It is suited for all coat types and is effective in absorbing excess oil, dirt and odor.  Comes in a papaya and oatmeal scent.  Also available in a gentle puppy formula and a formula that reduced shedding

Well priced.

Crazy Dog Grooming Spray Baby Powder Scent

dry dog shampoo

Crazy Dog Grooming Spray pulls out the dirt present in the coat and is conditioned to make combing and brushing easy by separating the hair.

It has a negative charge that pulls our dirt and eliminates static.  It removes and prevents tangles while coming in a fragrance which lasts for days. 

Comes in 3 scents: baby powder, green apple and pina colada.

Dry Dog Shampoo FAQs

Benefits of using Dry Dog Shampoos

Dry dog shampoo is totally safe to use on your dog.  There are a few types of dogs that benefit from using dry dog shampoo.  If your dog is super nervous around water and bathing them is a battle, using dry dog shampoo is a great alternative.  Here are some more of the benefits of choosing dry dog shampoos!

  • Good for Dogs that are scared of water

These shampoos are suitable for dogs that do not like traditional baths. Dogs are commonly known to be sensitive towards cleaning and contact with water.

These shampoos do not require the use of water and hence you will not have to deal with your dog’s anxiety.

I have to baby talk to my dog the whole bath so that she doesn’t freak out.  I sound silly but it works!

  • Can Be Easily Applied Anywhere without Water

Due to their unique design, they are effective in situations where water is not available in large quantities. Pets can be cleaned even if there is no water available.  This is great if you’re on the go or maybe travelling with your dog and can’t give your dog a bath.

  • Saves a Lot of Time & Effort

Dry shampoo for dogs save time as they do not involve the process of cleaning, rinsing, etc. They can be used to clean pets in a hurry.

  • Effective & Easy to Use in Constrained spaces

Dry dog shampoo is awesome to use in cases where space is restricted.  You don’t need require space for rinsing and cleaning, like with a regular bath.  If you just need to give your dog a quick spot clean, a dry shampoo for dogs is perfect.

  • Bathing Large Dogs

Dog waterless shampoos are suitable to bathe large dogs when it’s inconvenient to give them water baths. For a large dog however, you would have to use a decent amount of product to get your dog clean.  Large dogs benefit from dry shampoo in between water baths.

best dry dog shampoo

Are Dry Dog Shampoos Effective?  Does Dry Dog Shampoo work?

are dry dog shampoos effectiveWashing a dog is considered to be a messy and complicated task, especially if you have a medium or large breed.

There are chances that dogs might get angry or will run away if you try to give them a bath. In such cases, a dry dog shampoo can be a great alternative.  Do you wonder if dry dog shampoo is any good?  It works great!

You can eliminate the grease as well as the odor from your dog’s hair without the issues commonly associated with a traditional bath.

How Does Dry Dog Shampoo Work?

These powdered dry dog shampoos are designed to be rubbed all over your pet’s coat. Here’s what dry dog shampoo will do: it absorbs skin oils and grease on your dog and will leave behind a nice fresh scent.

They are easily applied and removed by simply rubbing it over the coat for a set amount of time and then brushing it off. Dry dog shampoo is an excellent alternative for bathing a dog that is anxious or temperamental with normal bathing sessions.

There are dogs that are prone to develop allergies or irritated skins when standard shampoos are used. In those circumstances it is a good idea to use dry dog shampoo. Lastly, they are often cheap and you can make your own at home too!

Can you Use Human Dry Shampoo on Dogs?

The answer is no.  Just as with human regular shampoo, you can’t use human dry shampoo on your dog.  Your dogs skin and coat have a different pH balance and they are more sensitive that human skin and hair.

The ingredients in your human dry shampoo are harsher than the dry dog shampoo formulas above.  Only use dog products on your dog to ensure that they don’t develop skin problems.

Things to Consider When Buying Dry Shampoo for Dogs

When shopping for a dog shampoo, you need to know what to look for in a dry shampoo for dogs.

  • Are the ingredients natural?
  • Does your dog have any allergies?
  • Does your dog have dry skin already?
  • How often will you be using dry shampoo?

Why Do Dogs Smell?

Dogs sweat through their sebaceous glands. These glands excrete oils that produce a foul odor and cause their fur to look greasy and dirty as dust sticks onto the secreted oil.

Typically, we give our dogs a bath with dog shampoo and water to clean them up once/month (or maybe more!).

The powder absorbs the oil and reduces the odor, helping the dog look clean. These shampoos are suitable for use in cases when dogs are overly anxious of water baths and extremely sensitive.

They are also handy in situations where water cannot be used in large amounts and restricted spaces. It is also convenient to bathe dogs of larger sizes and in less time with this type of shampoo.

Why do Dogs Smell so Bad when they are Wet?

According to PETMD, yeast and bacteria live on your dog year round, but usually they are in small quantities.  As long as they do not get wet, the smell stays away.

When you dog goes for a bath or swim, the water releases the bacteria and yeast causing a smell.  The odor control shampoos above should take care of this for you.

If you find that the dog odor doesn’t go away, consult your vet because your dog could have an underlying medical issue causing the odor.

Are Dry dog Shampoos Safe: Precautions when Using Dry Dog Shampoo

Dry dog shampoos are formulated with your pets safety in mind.  But you should be aware of the ingredients that might be in their waterless dog shampoo.

Powders, sprays, gels and foams, unlike regular dog shampoo, stay on your dogs skin and fur.  If your dog licks themselves they will ingest or eat whatever is on their fur including the dry dog shampoo.  This means that you could be exposing your dog to chemicals.

Since the ingredients are made to absorb oils on the skin and fur, they could also be drying to your dog.  That might make a dry skin issue even worse.  So be careful if you think you can just use baby power on dogs.  It may bother your dogs skin and be dangerous for them to eat if they lick their fur.

Homemade DIY Dry Dog Shampoo

The recipe below is a basic recipe for a homemade dry dog shampoo.  Making DIY waterless dog shampoo is super easy.

Get yourself a clean shaker bottle or any jar really, that is big enough to hold the ingredients and leave some room to shake them around.

When applying, cover your dogs eyes and ears and make sure to rub the dry shampoo right down to your dogs skin.

Once your dog is completely covered, brush them out making sure to work the dry shampoo through the hair.  And because this product is all natural, no worries about your dog licking themselves!

Homemade DIY Dry Dog Shampoo

  • 1 c Cornstarch
  • 1 c Baking soda
  • A few drops of Lavender essential oil (or your favorite scent, just make sure it is safe to use on your dog)

best dry dog shampoo

Limitations of Dry Dog Shampoos

It is possible that a dog might develop irritated skin after too many dry shampoo baths. So it’s important to give your pooch a normal bath at least once after every 4 dry shampoo baths.

There are many different varieties of dry dog shampoos, but be careful to protect your dogs eyes, mouth and the nose because the ingredients can irritate them.

Some dry dog shampoos can leave powder behind on the pet’s hair.  This is how they continue to absorb grease on your dogs skin and fur.

It is important to make sure to follow the directions on the bottle and thoroughly brush out your dogs coat after applying dry dog shampoo.

How often should dry dog shampoo be used?

How often you use dry shampoo to bathe dogs depends on how often your dog goes outside, whether your dog suffers from any skin conditions, the sensitivity of its coat and skin and what kind of activities it likes.

Ideally your dog must be bathed once a month. In cases where dry shampoo is used, it is advisable to only bathe your pet once per month as well.

This is done to avoid dryness of the coat because dry shampoo absorbs the oil from the sebaceous glands. Excessive oil absorption may lead the skin to become dry and lose its natural moisture.

It may also cause loss of the natural anti bacterial layer of the coat.  When in doubt, follow the manufacturers directions.

How do you use a dry dog shampoo for dogs?

Check out this quick video below to learn how to apply dry dog shampoo and how to get the most out of your purchase.

Can I use Waterless Cat Shampoo on my Dog?

No.  Never use cat products on dogs.  They could have ingredients that are toxic for your dog.  Only use products that are labelled “dry dog shampoo” or “dry shampoo for pets” and read the label to make sure it doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients.  Dry pet shampoo for cats is also available, so don;t use dry dog shampoo on your cats.


These shampoos are definitely a smart alternative if your dog has a medical condition or hates taking a bath. When applied in the right amounts, dry dog shampoos work well.

However, it is always important to bathe your dog using a regular dog shampoo and water once per month. When in doubt consult your vet about a bathing schedule.

Do you have a favorite dry dog shampoo that you’ve tried?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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