Top 3 Anti Dander Pet Shampoos for Allergy Relief

Love Your Pets!

Did you know you can buy anti dander pet shampoo?  If you suffer from pet allergies, but love pets, what are you supposed to do? 

The watery eyes, sniffling, and coughing symptoms could cause you to think you have to get rid of your pet all together. 

You might ask yourself how do I reduce my pet allergy symptoms?

The first option is to try a pet shampoo for allergy sufferers.  They are proven to reduce (but not eliminate completely) the amount of dander and pet allergens in your home. No one needs to suffer endlessly or get rid of their loved pets.

So what is the best anti dander pet shampoo available for allergy sufferers?

anti dander pet shampoo

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Anti Dander Pet Shampoos for People with Allergies Quick Chart


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AllerPet for Cats

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Ecology Works

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AllerPet for Dogs

Best Selling Cat Dander Remover

Allerpet Anti Dander Pet Shampoo for Cat Dander Review

top allergy cat shampoo for allergy relief allerpet

AllerPet Cat Dander Remover Features

  • Proven to reduce dander in your home
  • Gently cleanse the fur of dander, saliva and other allergens
  • Safe for all cat breeds
  • Never expires
  • No scent
  • Bonus mitt to apply to your cat included

We can’t forget the cat lovers here!  Allerpet Cat Dander Remover is specifically made for cats and also isn’t actually a shampoo.  No need to fight a tiger in a bathtub!

It’s the best anti dander cat shampoo on the market and will help you get rid of cat dander on your cat.

This product is similar to a dry shampoo; you take the application mitt and rub the product onto your cat. 

Don’t worry about your cat grooming themselves, this product is non toxic and safe.  It effectively removes cat allergens such as saliva and dander, which are the main causes of allergic reactions to cats. 

This cat shampoo for human allergies takes a bit to kick in.  Be patient: it can take a week or two to being to notice a difference in your allergy symptoms.   

Be consistent: you must apply Allerpet routinely to continue to receive the benefits of reduced allergies and of course, having a pet!

You can buy this “shampoo” in a 2 pack. 

It is safe to rub this cat shampoo on your cats over 10 weeks of age.  Some folks have been able to reduce their allergy meds by using Allerpet on their cats.



  • May not work for everyone's allergies

Ecology Works

Anti Dander Pet Shampoo Review

anti allergen pet shampoo allergy relief

Ecology Works Anti Allergen Pet Shampoo Features

  • Made in USA
  • Thick lather
  • Safe for cats, dogs and small animals
  • Non toxic
  • Safe for all breeds
  • Aloe, Yucca and Neem tree extracts

One of the best anti dander dog shampoos on the market is this Anti Allergen Pet Shampoo from Ecology Works.   This shampoo eliminates dander on all or your pets; no need to buy multiple products.   Rabbit Dander?  No problem!

It is one of the only plant based and hypoallergenic pet shampoo for allergy sufferers. 

Customers are happy with its effectiveness at reducing pet dander and that it smells fresh.

Unlike the other products reviewed, this shampoo requires you to give your pet a full bath.

Ecology Works also makes an Anti Allergen Spray and Laundry Detergent, view their products here: Ecology Works.


  • Conditions for a healthy coat
  • Controls fleas and ticks too
  • Deodorizing formula keeps pet smelling fresh


  • Might not solve everyone's allergy problems

Best Selling Shampoo for Dog Allergies

Dog Dander Shampoo

Allerpet Anti Dog Dander Shampoo Review

anti dander dog shampoo

AllerPet Dog Dander Remover Features

  • Vet and Allergist recommended
  • Proven to reduce dander in your home
  • Safe for puppies 10 weeks and older
  • Gently cleanse the fur of dander, saliva and other allergens
  • Safe for all breeds

Allerpet dog shampoo is the best anti dander dog shampoo that effectively reduces dander on your dog.  It is the best dog shampoo for allergy sufferers on the market.  It really isn’t a shampoo though. 

You apply Allerpet D dog dander remover by rubbing it all over your pets fur using the bonus mitt that comes with purchase.  Fantastic since you don’t have to give your dog a full bath to get rid of the allergens. 

Allerpet  D is dedicated to helping out those 3/10 people in the US that are allergic to pets.  Their products are non toxic and can be used on dogs as young as 10 weeks old. 

While you cannot fully eliminate pet dander, weekly use will reduce dog dander levels in your home.

It is fast and easy to apply using the applicator mitt that comes with purchase.  One bottle lasts a long time.  Best part: no need for a time consuming and messy bath. 

As with any product, individual allergies and reactions vary from person to person and some owners did not experience a reduction in their allergy symptoms.   

View more Allerpet products here: Allerpet Products


  • Non-toxic
  • Proven to reduce dander in your home
  • Non irritating
  • Safe for all breeds
  • Smells good


  • May not work for everyone's allergies

Anti Dander Pet Shampoo FAQs

Are you Allergic to Pets?

How can you tell if you have pet allergies?  Allergies to pets with fur are so common, especially among people that have other allergies or asthma.

You may already have a pet and someone in your home is allergic, such as a new partner or a new baby.

Sometimes you have to eliminate everything that might be causing your symptoms and then reintroduce the items that you think might be causing your allergies.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, pet allergies are caused by/develop because of an over sensitive immune system that reacts to harmless proteins in your pet’s urine, saliva or dander.

Dander is the name for the skin that your pet sheds.  It can get into the environment inside your home by falling off your pet, getting airborne or attaching to their hair.
Asthma Relief Forever™

As your pet sheds, it ends up all over the house!  Not only are those allergens on your pet, they are on your furniture, clothes and in the air.

So what are the symptoms of a pet allergy?

  • Swelling and itching of membranes like eyes and ears
  • Stuffy nose
  • Inflammed eyes
  • Breathing problems (from airborne particles) such as wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath
  • Contact with cats can trigger asthma

Do Dog Allergies ever Go Away?

According to, people’s allergies that they developed as children or infants can disappear over time. 

Or worse, they can randomly appear.  Like how I am now suddenly allergic to avocados (yeah no guac for me).  

Different dogs can trigger different reactions from the same person because the dander and saliva is slightly different from pet to pet. 

Doctor’s believe that when someone becomes accustomed to an allergen (dander and saliva in the case of pets), then the persons immune system stops being so sensitive to it.  

What Does Cat Dander Look Like?

Cat dander comes in many forms.  Some are visible, like dandruff flakes on their fur or a piece of their fur floating around or laying on the ground.

Others are smaller, almost microscopic.  They form part of the dust that settles in and around the inside of your house.  It’s so small you can’t even see it.  And it makes it’s way into every room through your ventilation.

What is an Anti Dander Pet Shampoo?

Anti dander pet shampoo and products work at reducing dander on your dog and cat.  They can come in a dry shampoo that you rub on, sprays, and wipes. 

While you cannot guarantee that a dander reducing shampoo will provide complete relief from allergens on your pet and in your home, it can form part of your strategy for reducing overall allergens from your pets in your home.  

Dander reducing shampoos work in a few ways to reduce allergens. 

They moisturize the skin and fur to reduce overall shedding of your pets hair and skin, they neutralize the proteins in your pets saliva that may get onto their fur and they also neutralize the proteins from your pets glands that gets into their fur.

Does Anti Dander Pet Shampoo Work?

It could be that starting a weekly bathing routine with a regular shampoo is enough to relieve your allergies.  If this does not work, there are many products and tricks that you can use to help greatly reduce the amount of allergens in your home. 

While you cannot completely eliminate pet dander, an anti dander shampoo is a great start to reducing dander.   If in doubt, the anti dander products below are affordable and worth giving a try.  

What Features to Look for in an Anti Dander Shampoo

Anti Dander Pet Shampoo Features

  • Vet and Allergist recommended
  • Proven to reduce dander in your home
  • Safe for all breeds
  • Gently cleanse the fur of dander, saliva and other allergens
  • Conditioning ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic, natural ingredients
  • Non toxic, no chemicals

How to Reduce Pet Allergies and Indoor Allergens

There are a ton of things you can do to help reduce the amount of allergens floating around your home.  Hopefully, some of these tips will help you to reduce your allergy symptoms. 

If you are thinking about getting a dog, you should check out these top hypoallergenic dog breeds

Hypoallergenic dog breeds won’t completely eliminate your symptoms but, they do shed less and have a coat that is more like human hair, so they tend to trigger less allergic reactions as there is much less hair and dander in your home.

One of the best things you can do to reduce dander in your home is to use an air purifier.  They filter contaminants, smoke and allergens out of the air (not just pet dander) with an allergen reduction filter and make your air fresh and dander free. 

I use an air purifier and it makes a huge difference in my indoor air quality.  We definitely recommend an air purifier for cat dander.  Dog dander too!

Check out the top 3 best selling air purifiers below including the Germ Guardian 3 in 1 and two Levoit Air Purifiers.

Best Air Purifiers for Allergies Quick Chart

Beyond Anti Dander Pet Shampoo


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Honeywell HEPA 465 sq ft

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LEVOIT Large Room

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Germ Guardian

If you just love pets so much you are willing to deal with allergy symptoms then take a look at some tips from the allergy experts at the Asthma and Allergy Foundation below.

Pet Allergy Reduction Tips and Tricks

On Your Pet

  • Maybe feeding your pet a different diet will help them to stop shedding as much. How to reduce dog dander with diet?  Think about adding supplements like omega 3s. Talk to your vet, they will have more great suggestions for you
  • Change your clothes if you have been around an animal for a long period of time
  • Don’t let your pet into your bedroom. This could make your allergies worse because you are exposed to allergens all night long. Keeping your pet out of your bedroom will reduce the amount of allergens you are exposed to at night
  • Keep your pet out of the room in which you spend the most waking time, such as your office, etc
  • Make sure to wash their blankets, toys and bedding frequently. Try for once per week and see if that helps
  • Get a family member that is not allergic to your pet to brush your pet frequently to remove the excess hair and dander. Do this outside. Make sure to wash your hands afterwards. During the spring and summer, your pet will shed more than normal. Step up the brushing schedule to twice or even three times per week during the period
  • Take your pet to the groomer and get them deshed. You could make a whole new dog with all the hair that comes off!
  • Stress and anxiety make your pet shed more. Try your best to make a happy and non-stressful environment for your pet

top 3 anti dander pet shampoos

Reduce Dander In Your House

  • Rub on anti dander products such as spray, wipes or dry shampoo after you have brushed your pet. The products above have been recommended by allergy sufferers
  • I can’t say enough about HEPA grade air purifiers. The one I have in my house make the air so fresh and clean. It collects not only pet dander, but dust, mold, smoke and so many other allergens. You can buy small air purifiers for each room. Start with your bedroom and the main living area (or where you are most of the time)
  • If your home is carpeted, get rid of it! Wash your walls! Animal allergens cling to things such as carpet and walls. If you can’t get rid of the carpet, then steam clean it frequently
  • If you can’t get rid of the carpet (we get it!) then use a vacuum fitted with a HEPA filter.  Vacuum daily for the first while and include the furniture, baseboards and small areas where dander would become trapped
  • Wipe down you walls with a wet wipe to remove allergens and dander that cling onto the walls
  • Wash throw rugs in hot water frequently.  You can buy allergen reducing carpet shampoos and laundry detergents.
  • Your forced air heating and AC can spread allergens around your home. Cover your bedroom vent with a thick filtering material like cheesecloth


Living with pets can be for everyone, even if you have allergies!  While you cannot eliminate pet dander completely, you can reduce pet allergens in your home by using an anti dander pet shampoo for allergy sufferers. 

The products above are the best on the market for a reason: they are the best anti dander shampoos on the market to help to reduce dog and cat dander

Let us know in the comments below if you have tried these products or have tips and tricks to help reduce allergens from pets in your home. 

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