5 Awesome Dog Breeds for Condo Owners

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Do you own a condo or apartment?  Are you wondering what would be the best dog breeds for a condo owner?  Just because you own a condo or an apartment does not mean that you cannot enjoy owning a dog.  There are a many good dogs for condos.

Dog ownership has been proven to improve quality of life, happiness and longevity amongst dog owners.  If you are ready to open your heart to a new pet, and are not quite sure where to start looking, here are the 5 best dog breeds for condo owners.

dog training 5 best breeds for condo owners

5 Best Dog Breeds for Condo Owners

1. Pugs

5 best dog breeds for condo owners

One of the best condo dogs is a Pug.  Who doesn’t love the smooshed up, wrinkled face of a pug?  The AKC states that Pugs will reach a height of 10-13 inches and weigh between 14 and 18 lbs.  Pugs are clever, charming and quiet with a sweet temperament.  Bonus: they live a long time with a life expectancy much like others in the toy group of 13-15 years.  Pugs will require their face, ears and body wrinkles to be diligently bathed and cleaned to ensure they don’t get any infections.

2. Dachshund

5 best dog breeds for condo owners

One of the best dogs for a condo is the ever famous wiener dog!  Who can resist those hilarious videos of them dressed up as hot dogs and racing each other? Adorable!  Dachshunds come in two sizes, the standard (16 to 32 lbs) and the miniature (up to 11 lbs).  Wiener dog life expectancy is 12-16 years.

They are part of the hound group (who knew?) and they were used to go into badger holes and dig them out!  That means they are brave and fierce in a tiny package.  They have a loud bark which they would use to alert their humans of badgers and underground holes.  Most Dachshunds have a short low maintenance coat, so require minimal bathing and brushing.

They have outgoing and independent personalities, making them great for your condo or apartment.

3. Yorkshire Terrier

5 best dog breeds for condo owners

This super popular dog breed belongs to the toy group.  You can groom their hair long or short as seen in the photo above.  Yorkies will lead a long and energetic life of anywhere from 11-15 years.  Their maximum size is 8 inches in height and they should weigh around 7 lbs when full grown.  And for allergy sufferers out there, Yorkies are hypoallergenic.

4. Pomeranian

5 best dog breeds for condo owners

The Pomeranian is expressive, smart and full of personality.  Did you know that they used to be sled pulling dogs before their popularity rose and they were bred into toy size?  Pomeranians have a long life expectancy of anywhere from 13-17 years although this Pom lived to be almost 22!

Most Pomeranians belong to the toy group and reach weights of only 7 lbs.

But be warned: check out the bloodline of your little guy before you adopt them, some Pomeranians are from “old school” bloodlines that produce larger dogs and they may grow to be nearly 30 lbs (like mine!).  The Pomeranian has a double coat meaning it has a dense undercoat to keep it warm and dry and a long outer-coat.

Therefore, the Pomeranian requires on going maintenance such as bathing, brushing, combing and trips to the groomer.

5. Corgi

5 best dog breeds for condo owners

Don’t let their small size fool you.  Even though Corgis are only 12 inches tall, they were originally bred to heard big cattle!  This means they are independent, affectionate and loyal, perfect for your condo or apartment.

They are part of the hearing group of dogs and tend to be longer and heavier than the toy group, weighing in a up to 30 lbs for the male dogs and 28 lbs for the females.  They are short haired so require some, but minimal brushing and grooming.

Worst Dogs for Apartments

If you live in a condo or apartment, the worst dogs for apartments you can adopt are those that require a ton of exercise.  Unless you’re prepared to be super active after work, a dog that needs a ton of exercise wouldn’t be for you. 

Working dogs that require a lot of running and exercise include border collies and other types of herding dogs like cattle dogs and shepherds.  There are always exceptions to the rule, so the above is just a general guideline.

Hunting type dogs would also be a no no.  They might howl like crazy and include all breeds of coonhound and even beagles.

Tell us about your favorite dog breed for your condo or apartment in the comments below!

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