Curaseb Antifungal Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Shampoo Review

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curaseb antifungal shampoo

Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Shampoo is a medicated shampoo for both cats and dogs suffering from ringworm, pyoderma, and other allergies.

This medicated antifungal and antibacterial dog shampoo is considered one of the best dog shampoos on the market and the number one vet-recommended antifungal dog shampoo.

If your pet is showing symptoms and itching like crazy, this shampoo will provide them with immediate relief.

So let’s check out the Top Selling Curaseb Shampoo!

Top Selling Dog Shampoo

Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Dog Shampoo Review

Curaseb Antifungal

Best for yeast, ringworm

Curaseb Dog Shampoo Features

  • Eliminates yeast, bacteria, fungus, pyoderma and ringworm!
  • Ingredients: Chlorhexidine and Ketoconazole
  • Cheaper than other brands
  • Made in USA
  • Safe for all pets
  • Money back guarantee

If your pet is suffering from a skin condition, Curaseb from Bexley Labs could be the right cure for it.

Dogs are often curious about their surroundings. They love to play with dirt, grime, and some other nasty things. This could cause a serious problem if not prevented or treated properly.

The right way to deal with adventurous pets is to maintain good hygiene. While you can’t stop them from exploring the dirty trash can, you can always buy them a good medicated shampoo.

This way, your pets won’t just feel great after a bath, but also smell good.  Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Shampoo is also guaranteed safe, as it is made in a federally regulated and inspected laboratory in the USA.

Curaseb shampoo ingredients include  chlorhexidine and ketoconazole, which are specialty ingredients that other brands of dog shampoo do not have.

curaseb antifungal for pets

This chlorhexidine shampoo for dogs effectively treats a broad spectrum of skin problems while gently cleansing the skin.  The addition of aloe also soothes your dogs itchy skin. Aside from this, the product is also good at eliminating foul odors caused by yeast, bacteria, and fungus.

It leaves behind the pleasant smell of refreshing cucumber melon.  Based on the reviews, this product is indeed good at treating skin problems of cats and dogs.

Continued use of Curaseb has resulted in total relief from infection and itchiness caused by ringworm, pyoderma, and allergies.  Compared to other leading competitors with the same ingredients and effects, this one has a lower price for you budget conscious pet lovers.curaseb antifungal

The manufacturer stays true to its claim and backs this product with a money-back guarantee. You can have a full refund even if you return the bottle empty.

Curaseb is known for not having a powerful medicine smell when you shampoo your pet.  You’ll be happy to learn that it works on both dogs and cats, saving you from having to buy two different products for your pets.

It gently cleanses the skin as it leaves a pleasant and refreshing scent of cucumber melon. It has a good deodorizing agent that your pet (and you) are sure to love.   Many dog lovers claim that Curaseb solved skin issues that their pets have had for years.

Compared to other competing brands, Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Shampoo gives pet owners more bang for their buck.  It offers the same relief to most pets because it contains the same active ingredients.

Bexley Labs makes a ton of pet care products from antiseptic wipes to dog ear infection treatments.  If you have issue with your pet, you should check them out!


  • Paraben and soap free
  • Relieves more conditions than the more expensive brands
  • Deodorizing
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Smells good


  • May not work for all breeds
  • May cause allergic reaction


What Could be Causing Your Dog to Itch?

There are so many reasons why your dog could be itching like crazy including;

  • allergies to food
  • allergies to bedding
  • allergies to grass, pollen (like humans)
  • yeast issues
  • bacteria growth
  • illness
  • etc etc

The best bet is to try washing your pooch with a medicated shampoo and see if that stops it.  If not, head to your vet, the issue may need their help to solve.

curaseb review

What is Medicated Dog Shampoo?

What Does Medicated Dog Shampoo do?  Medicated pet shampoo uses speciality medicated ingredients to attack the source of your pets itchy skin. 

Medicated dog shampoos are formulated with ingredients such as pramoxine, phytosphingosine, chlorhexidine and ketoconazole to treat various skin problems. 

This can include conditions such as flea allergies, hot spots, bacterial infections, seborrhea, ringworm, mange and yeast.  Medicated dog shampoos work to kill the bacteria that may be causing your dogs problems and at the same time soothe the skin and condition their coat.

What are the Ingredients in Medicated Dog Shampoo and What do They Do?

Each manufacturer using their own formula of ingredients to create their medicated dog shampoo.  However, most medicated shampoos have some of the following ingredients in common.

  • Chlorhexidine is a disinfectant and antiseptic
  • Ketoconazole is a topical antifungal usually used for athlete’s foot, ringworm and yeast
  • Phytosphingosine (PS) has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and also functions as a preservative

Does Medicated Dog Shampoo Like Curaseb Antifungal Expire?

Yes, medicated pet shampoos expire.  Most of the products that you use on your pet have an expiry date.  Because medicated shampoos have special ingredients, they may actually expire sooner than regular dog shampoo. 

You will find the expiry date on the bottom or top of the bottle, or maybe on the label.  Using expired products could lead to the skin problem getting worse so please, don’t use expired products on your pets.

How do I use Medicated Dog Shampoo?

Each manufacturer has its own formula for medicated pet shampoo.  This means that you must read the instructions on each bottle.  Typically, you would massage the shampoo down to your pets skin and leave on for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes and then thoroughly rinse it off.

To get the most out of Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Shampoo, ensure to follow the instructions on the bottle. 

  1. Get your pet thoroughly wet, making sure to get them wet right down to their skin


  2. Using about 1-2 tablespoons, lather up your pet, starting with the neck, tail area and paws


  3. Make sure to massage the shampoo down to the skin 


  4. Lather up the rest of your pet


  5. Leave the shampoo on for 5-10 minutes (make sure to have treats or a helper handy!)


You may need to bathe your pet several times a week to begin with.  Please read the instructions on the bottle, you don’t want to overbathe your pet, which may cause further skin issues.

How often you can bathe your dog with medicated shampoo? 

Curaseb dog shampoo can be used on your pet every other day to solve their skin problems.  Make sure to wait 24 hours after applying a topical flea treatment before you dip your dog in a medicated bath.

Does Curaseb Antifungal stop Ringworm?

Curaseb is effective against ringworm because it contain chlorhexidine and ketoconazole.  Since ringworm is very contagious, please consult your vet about a treatment plan.


Overall, the Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Shampoo is still a great medicated shampoo for dogs and cats.

It works great for most pets,but might be harmful to some. A professional’s guidance should always be considered before purchasing. Should your pet experience any negative side effects, you can always get a refund from the manufacturer!  We love money back guarantees!

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