Espree Natural Tea Tree Dog Shampoo Review

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espree tea tree oil dog shampoo

Espree Natural Tea Tree Dog Shampoo is great for your dog and uses natural ingredients  such as aloe and jojoba to soothe dry skin and itch while using a detergent free formula to gently clean your pooch. 

Dogs with allergies may need a medicated anti itch, anti allergy shampoo to provide them with relief from inflamed and irritated skin, rashes and hot spots. 

If your dog has sensitive skin, you may need a dog anti itch shampoo to give their dog much-needed comfort from itching and scratching and to protect their skin and fur from the elements. 

If your dog is suffering from itchy skin and allergies, then Espree Tea Tree Shampoo for Dogs can help.

Espree Natural Tea Tree and Aloe Dog Shampoo Review

Tea Tree Shampoo for Dogs

tea tree shampoo for dogs

Espree Dog Shampoo Review

Key Features

  • Promotes healing
  • 100% organic aloe vera
  • Made in USA
  • Relieves itching and inflammation
  • Helps treatment of skin irritations

Espree Tea Tree and Aloe Dog Shampoo is a medicated dog shampoo for dogs with itchy skin.  You can also purchase the matching medicated conditioner.  It is safe to use with topical flea treatments and the tea tree oil is a natural flea repellent.   It’s one of the best tea tree and aloe does shampoos on the market.

Espree’s Dog shampoo only contains simple ingredients that are easy to pronounce such as organic aloe vera, coconut based cleansers, jojoba, Vitamins A, D, E and tea tree oil.

Espree only uses human grade ingredients that are from renewable and sustainable botanical, vegetable and mineral resources.  This tea tree shampoo for dogs is medicated and doesn’t contain oatmeal, so it could be a good match for you if your dog is allergic to grains, gluten or wheat.

espree dog shampoo

Just remember to do a patch test to ensure your dog is not allergic before giving them a full bath.

To get the most out of this tea tree shampoo for dogs, massage onto your dog making sure to get down to the skin.  Leave on for 3 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly.  Manufacturer recommends that you do NOT use this shampoo on cats.

We loved that you can buy this Espree Dog Shampoo by the Gallon!

Compared to other dog shampoos, Espree products are reasonably priced considering a little goes a long way.  Espree makes a ton of products for pets, from shampoo and conditioner to sprays to Espree paw balm.

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  • Available in large sizes
  • Great smell
  • Concentrated
  • Clean rinsing
  • Repels fleas and ticks
  • Detergent Free


  • Doesn't lather because it's detergent free, but it's working!

Tea Tree Dog Shampoo FAQs

espree natural tea tree oil shampoo for dogs

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe for Pets? Should You use Tea Tree Shampoo for Dogs?

According to PETMD, tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of a tree native to Australia and in very small concentrations (.1% to 1%) is safe for cats and dogs to apply topically.

But, tea tree oil is toxic in higher concentrations and if eaten by humans and pets.  Tea tree oil should never be ingested or used in and around the mouth.

Because of this, I would recommend not using any products that contain tea tree oil on your cat as cats groom themselves and could ingest it.

Tea tree oil is a neurotoxin that affects and attacks the nervous system.  There is no known medication that treats tea tree oil poisoning in pets or humans.

Unfortunately, there is no warning on the packages we purchase in the US.  Just because a product is labelled as natural and environmentally friendly does not mean that it is non toxic or not poisonous.

The best advice is to keep concentrated tea tree oil out of reach of children and pets.

Tea Tree oil poisoning happens more often than you think.  According to, Tea tree oil poisoning symptoms are:

  • muscle tremors
  • weakness
  • difficulty walking
  • low body temperature
  • excessive salivation

If you suspect a family member or pet has eaten tea tree oil, call poison control right away.

espree tea tree dog shampoo

How does Tea Tree Oil Work?

Tea tree oil is a popular alternative way of dealing with skin issues such as burns, insect bites, bruises, eczema and acne. 

That is because tea tree oil has chemicals in it that may kill bacteria and fungus and reduces allergic skin reactions. 

According to webMD, you can purchase tea tree oil in an gel that you apply topically on your skin.  It is possibly effective on nail fungus and athlete’s foot.  It is also known to also be an insect repellent, so can work on keeping fleas and ticks off of your dogs. 


If you are looking for a well priced effective shampoo, Espree Natural Tea Tree and Aloe Dog Shampoo could be for you.  With it’s natural ingredients and soothing properties it could help provide your pooch with some much needed relief from dry, itchy and irritated skin. 

The combination of tea tree oil and aloe provides relief from itching and irritated skin while keeping fleas and ticks off your dog.

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