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How to get rid of dog ticks fast is a question dog owners ask.  Especially if you and your dog go on runs, walks or hikes in the great outdoors.  Ticks hide in grass, on the ground, in bushes, on leaves, basically, if you go outside you might get a tick! 

Because ticks can carry disease and pass that along to your dog, find out below how to get rid of dog ticks fast. 

How to Get Rid of Dog Ticks Fast 

There are a ton of ways to get rid of ticks, including flea and tick shampoo, weird tools, alcohol, Vaseline, essential oils etc.  The key here is to remove ALL of the tick, including the head, which might be embedded in your dogs skin.  Removing the whole ticks is essential: leaving behind just the ticks head, or pieces of the head, could lead to irritation and infection.   

Getting rid of dog ticks fast AND completely is the goal.  During tick season which is spring, summer and fall, you should regularly inspect your dog for ticks.  If you take them out for a walk in the woods, inspect them when they get home.  Finding ticks quickly is important: ticks don’t release any diseases for at least 24 hours once they’ve attached to your or your dog.

How Long Does it Take for a Tick to Fall off a Dog?

What if there’s a tick on your dog and you don’t find it?  Good news is that once ticks are full of blood, they will detach from your dog.  But the bad news is this can take anywhere for 3 days to two whole weeks!  This means that there is time for the tick to release diseases into your dogs blood.

how to get rid of dog ticks fast

How do I Get Rid of Ticks on my Dog at Home?

What Works the Quickest and Easiest?

There are two tools that we recommend to get rid of dog ticks fast: Fine tipped tweezers or a special tick removal tool.

First Choice Tool: Tweezers for Tick Removal

According to the CDC, the best and fastest way to get rid of a tick is to use a simple pair of tweezers. We all have those around the house.   Here are 7 quick steps to remove a tick from your dog.  

Steps to Removing Ticks from Your Dog

  1. Make sure your dog is comfortable and happy, instead of nervous.  Have some treats handy
  2. Get your tweezers out 
  3. Part your dogs hair around the tick so you can see where its attached
  4. Take Your tweezers and get right down to where the tick is in the skin
  5. Gently pinch to tick by the head, never by the body (where it stores blood)
  6. Pull up gently, with steady pressure, without twisting
  7. After a bunch of tries the tick will come out.

how to get rid of dog ticks fast

There may be some skin that comes out with the tick.  That’s normal.  Make sure to inspect the wound.  You want to make sure that you’ve removed every piece of the tick, including its head.

If you see anything left behind, get in there gently with your tweezers and pull our everything you can.  

Then clean the wound with some antibiotic or antiseptic cream.  Keep an eye on it for a few days to make sure it doesn’t get infected.

Pro Pet Tip

Never grab the tick by the body with your tweezers.  This will squeeze the tick and all its stomach contents (which could have a disease) into your dogs skin!

Handy How To Remove Ticks Video

Check out the How to video below to remove ticks with a pair of simple tweezers.

Second Choice Tool: Tick Removal Tool

Our second choice for getting rid of dog ticks fast is a special tick removal tool like the Ticker Off Tick Remover.  It looks like a spoon!  You might wonder, how in the world can a spoon remove a tick?!

It works like tweezers but is much easier!  You slide the V shaped part of the spoon in between the tick and your dogs skin and gently pull up.  Once removed the tick falls right into the little scoop and you can dispose of them!  

It helps you to apply even pressure, without worrying about slipping off, accidentally breaking the ticks head off or squeezing the ticks belly full of germs and blood back into your dogs skin.

how to get rid of dog ticks fast

Check out this How to Video where she uses a tick removal tool to get a HUGE tick off her dog.

Ticks and Disease 

Ticks carry so many diseases!  And they can be as small as the head of a pin!  How could you possibly find them all on your dog if they’re that small?!?!

No matter where you live, there is a tick living in the great outdoors!  Keeping yourself and your dog healthy by learning all you can about the tick sin your area is key.  

Preventing ticks can be done with a variety of different products like collars, sprays, shampoos, even topical treatments and once a month pills.  If you head out into the woods frequently, consider one of these to keep ticks off your dog. 


How to get rid of dog ticks fast is as simple as grabbing your tweezers and using the right technique.  Remember to always check yourself and your dog for ticks when you come back from being in the woods.