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My love for dogs and cats started at a young age when my dad brought home the most adorable dog named Lulu from the local rescue. Growing up, I loved grooming Lulu and making her look even more stylist and beautiful! Now, with a family of my own, I love watching my kids play with our two dogs (Saskia and Tilly) as well as our cats - Betty, Mara and Willow.

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Grooming your pets is a responsibility for all pet owners. You don't have to do anything fancy like getting them ready for a local show but you do need to take good care of their fur, prevent unwanted nasties like tics and fleas and of course make them feel as loved and as beautiful as they deserve! 

I hope you find the information on here helpful and informative. We independently review products so our readers get the best information and advice free from any bias. 

If you have any questions or perhaps you also love writing about your pets and have great advice to share, let us know! Contact us today

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