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fifi and fido dog shampoo

To keep dogs healthy and protected, maintaining their good hygiene is a must. Therefore, you should choose Fifi & Fido Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner.

Most dogs love to explore their surroundings, and that includes playing with dirt, which often causes odor and skin allergies.

Whether your dog has sensitive skin or not, this all-natural oatmeal dog shampoo by Fifi & Fido is a great choice. This product is one of the best dog shampoo and conditioners out today,and is loved by many fur parents because of its affordability and quality.

Keep reading to see if Fifi and Fido Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and conditioner is for you!

Fifi & Fido Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Fifi & ​​Fido

fifi and fido dog shampoo

Fifi and Fido Dog Shampoo and Conditioner Key Features

fifi and fido dog shampoo

  • All-natural ingredients for dogs with sensitive and delicate skin
  • Shea butter for a soft and shiny coat
  • Aloe vera for healing or relieving damaged skin and fur
  • Promotes healthier skin and stronger fur
  • Moisturizes dog’s dry skin
  • Gently removes dirt and grime 
  • No alcohol, colors or dyes, parabens, and nasty foreign ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Pump bottle design makes an easy-pour system for faster and more manageable bath time

One fantastic fact about Fifi and Fido Dog Shampoo is that it’s made in the USA.

For you budget conscious folks out there, less is more with Fifi & Fido.   It has been formulated so that a little goes a long way and you don’t have to use a ton of the shampoo to get your pet clean.

By using all-natural ingredients, this product ensures that your pet will be protected against bacteria, fungus, and infection.

Fifi and Fido Shampoo All Natural Ingredients

Fifi and Fido is made with oatmeal, aloe vera, and shea butter, promote healthier and fuller coats. Fifi and Fido dog shampoo also guarantees that there were no alcohol, colors or dyes, parabens, or nasty foreign ingredients present in the shampoo.

You may notice that this shampoo doesn’t lather as much as competing brands.  That is because this shampoo doesn’t contain soap which dries out your pets skin and fur.  This also makes it easier to rinse out your pet after washing them.

Unlike other competing brands, Fifi and Fido has two-in-one power. It is both a shampoo and a conditioner to make your pet’s fur stronger and softer. The product not only targets the coat, but also the skin of your dog and relieves itchy, irritated, and dry skin.  This way, dogs of all breeds and sizes will feel refreshed and great after every bath.

These effects are made possible by the all-natural ingredients. The oatmeal restores or retains the healthy and natural skin of dogs, providing relief in the symptoms of allergies, hot spots, and more.

Shea butter is responsible for the growth of fur, making the coat longer, thicker, and softer.  Aloe vera helps soothe skin conditions. Many pet owners also love the smell of their dogs after bath time. According to them, it’s a nice smell and not too strong.  Since the bottle is a pump type, applying Fifi and Fido shampoo and conditioner is easier.

Overall, this product is great at gently taking care of your pet’s hygiene and dealing with bad odor and common skin problems.  Fifi and Fido also makes yummy jerky for your pets, check it out here: PET JERKY

fifi and fido


  • Soap Free
  • Priced well
  • A little goes a long way
  • Free from alcohol, colors, dyes and parabens
  • All natural ingredients soothe dogs skin and fur


  • Some owners said their dogs itching wasn’t solved by this shampoo
  • Spot check this product on your dog
  • Made with oatmeal, if your dog is allergic to wheat, grains or gluten you should choose a different dog shampoo

Fifi and Fido Shampoo FAQs

How to get the most out of your dog shampoo and conditioner

To get the most out of Fifi & Fido you must follow the directions on the bottle and get your pet thoroughly wet with warm water for 2-3 minutes. 

Starting with the head and then moving on to the paws and the rest of your pets body, lather for 5-10  minutes while massaging the product into your pets coat and skin.  This maximizes the power of the natural ingredients to soothe and moisturize your pets skin and fur. 

Avoid your pets ears and eyes with this product as it could be irritating.


If you compare the number of benefits and the disadvantages of the Fifi & Fido Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner, there is no doubt that it is a good choice.

It is one of the safest alternatives to dog shampoos with harsh chemicals that often lead to skin allergies. Regularly bathe your dog using this product as per the instruction to ensure a better result. If your dog has a serious skin problem, consulting your vet is a must before trying this product.

Have you tried Fifi and Fido?  Do you like it?  If it’s not for you, check out our Top 10 Dog Shampoo Post below!