Dog Grooming Secrets: How to Make Your Pet Look and Feel Good

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Have you ever wondered what shampoo dog groomers use to turn your dirty looking dog into a handsome one? How do they manage to transform your smelly dirty dog into a clean dog?

If you want to save money and learn to groom your pet like they just came home from the groomer, you have found the right page.  We provide advice and guidance on grooming your pet as well as detailed reviews of many different brands of dog shampoo.

The answers to this question lie in the techniques and formulas groomers use to eliminate the bad stench off your pet. So, today, you will learn the secrets dog groomers use to make your pet look and feel good.

 Water and Hose

When bathing your dog, you are going to need a supply of water and nice hose. Like how humans take a shower, dogs have to be totally wet when bathing. Use the hose to remove the visible particles and dirt that makes your dog smell.

Make sure to get every nook and cranny wet, including around the eyes. Ensure to massage the water right down to the skin, especially if you have a double coated dog with an overcoat and an undercoat.  This step is important since water will effectively clean the sensitive areas of the body.

 Shampoo and Conditioner

Groomers never use a regular shampoo for humans on dogs because they are harmful and can cause skin irritation. They use a particular dog shampoo that is appropriate for the age and type of coat that your dog has.  Different types of coats require choosing different types of shampoo.  Dry coat versus thin coat versus a thick coat all require different types of shampoos to address the issues that may be happening with your dogs coat.

For puppies, groomers use no-tear dog shampoos so that it won’t burn or irritate the eyes. Puppy shampoos often smell like a newborn baby, too. On the other hand, for dogs that have dry or itchy skin, groomers use organic shampoo with oatmeal or aloe vera.

These ingredients help soothe irritation, allowing your canine to feel refreshed after bath time. Sometimes, groomers do a second round of shampooing and scrubbing if your buddy is too dirty.

For a smooth and shiny coat, a conditioner is applied after shampoo. The conditioner replaces the lost moisture which was removed by shampoos. Like with human hair, the dog also needs nourishment treatment for their coat. Most conditioners are included in the shampoo so that bathing goes faster.

 Towel Drying and Brushing

how to give your dog a bath

Making sure that your dog is dry is essential because wet spots can develop if all of the leftover moisture is not dried out after your dogs bath. It also ensures long-lasting freshness. Using a towel, gently dry your dogs coat and skin without tangling or matting their coat.  You can also allow your dog to air dry and then check them for wet spots afterwards. If you can avoid using hair dryers, please do so, or use them on the no heat setting, because dogs do not like getting too hot.

However, if you do want to speed up the process with this device, take extra care in handling the hair dryers. Do not turn the temperature to the highest or else the air will be too hot. Hold the hair dryer a good distance away from the dog.

While drying, use a brush to comb your dog’s hair. This step will not only speed up the drying, but also remove loose hair. It also prevents hair knots or mats where some bacteria can hide. Brushing also distributes healthy natural oil and promotes a shiny coat.

 Cologne or Perfume

dog perfume and cologne After bathing and thoroughly drying your dog, groomers may spray a few squirts of cologne or perfume. Like shampoos, they are not human fragrances and do not cause irritation. You can also purchase this from your local shop. Some of the preferred scents are baby powder and lavender.  My dog always smells fantastic after a trip to the groomer!


Cotton balls and Ear Cleaner

grooming your dog and cleaning their ears The finishing touches are also important when grooming your pet. A cotton ball is needed for cleaning the sensitive parts of your dog such as the ears. The cotton ball absorbs water, preventing the ears from getting infected. Groomers often use a special ear cleaning spray to clean your dogs ears.  Premium Ear Cleaner for Dogs is naturally derived and contains no parabens, sulfates or alcohol.

If you want to try this technique at home, you need to know what shampoo dog groomers use. Below are two of the brands that are most recommended by groomers.

 Earthbath All Natural Shampoo

how to groom your dog with environmentally friendly pet shampoo

This dog shampoo is made with all natural ingredients and has a biodegradable packaging. It has oatmeal and aloe vera ingredients to combat dog’s itchy and dry skin. It is also gentle and no-tear, making it safe for puppies as well. Most people like the product for its vanilla and almond extracts that lead to a beautiful, fresh, and good smelling dog.  Not only does this product have a whopping 2,568 reviews, it maintains a 4.7 star rating on Amazon.  Earthbath is great for all of your pets and also environmentally friendly.  Check out our detailed review here for more information.

 Wahl Oatmeal Shampoo

Wahl Dog/Pet Shampoo, Oatmeal

The product is another oatmeal shampoo with no harsh chemicals that may cause irritation. Dogs and other pet owners love it because it effectively soothes itchy skin. It is also rich in lather. Aside from Coconut and Lime Verbena scents, the Lavender and Chamomile, White Pear, and Lemongrass Sage are also available.

What are your favorite products or techniques to use when grooming your dog?  We’d love to know!  Let us know in the comments below!

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