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4 best hypoallergenic dog shampoos

If your dog is allergic or sensitive to common ingredients found in regular dog shampoo, you may want to try using a hypoallergenic dog shampoo.

You might wonder, what is a hypoallergenic dog shampoo, why should I use one and what are the benefits of using hypoallergenic dog shampoo? 

We answer these two questions and review four of the best hypoallergenic dog shampoos below including the best selling Pro Pet Works.  Let’s check it out.

Best Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo Quick Chart

Best Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

Pro Pet Works Hypoallergenic Shampoo and Conditioner Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Review


Pro Pet Works Shampoo

best hypoallergenic dog shampoo

Pro Pet Works Key Features

  • Made in USA
  • Can be used on all your pets, including cats
  • Will eliminate fleas
  • Vet Recommended
  • Suitable for frequent use
  • Great for dry and sensitive skin

If you are looking for a natural shampoo and conditioner for your pet, then the Pro Pet Works Hypoallergenic Cat and Dog Shampoo is a good choice for you.

If your dog or furry pet is one of those which suffers from such skin problem, the best solution is to use the Pro Pet Works Hypoallergenic Organic Oatmeal and Aloe.

This product is not just a shampoo but conditioner, too. And that is just one of the reasons why fur parents prefer this over the other brands.  According to the manufacturer, this product is a 5 in 1 solution to various skin conditions which afflict cats and dogs.

Pro Pet Works is the best hypoallergenic dog shampoo and conditioner available. It is safe to use on all your pets including cats so you can buy one bottle and wash them all, saving you from having to buy several different products for each of your pets.

best hypoallergenic dog shampoos

Pro Pet Works backs their products with a 100% money back guarantee.

Pro Pet Works strives to be environmentally friendly by using bottles made with recycled materials.  The shampoo itself is 100% biodegradable and 100% non toxic.

This oatmeal, aloe vera, and almond based shampoo is tested by vets and works great for pets with allergies to grass, food, and flea bites.  The natural, organic ingredients work as a deodorizer leaving your pet smelling fresh making this one of the best organic dog shampoos.

It does not contain any alcohol, sulphates, parabens or harsh chemicals.

To make it safe for your pets, it is odorless. Pro Pet works great for pets with allergies with a focus on itchy, sensitive and dry skinned pets. Bonus: it also gets rid of fleas!

Unfortunately if your pet is allergic or sensitive to gluten, grains or wheat, this Pro Pet Works Shampoo contains oatmeal.  It’s always recommended to do a patch test to ensure your pet doesn’t have an allergic reaction.

Because this dog shampoo is not concentrated, it will create suds.


  • Great for pets with allergies
  • Soap and detergent free
  • Non irritating
  • Safe for all breeds and pets!
  • Deodorizing


  • May not work for all dogs itchiness
  • Not concentrated
  • Cherry fragrance can be overwhelming

Environmentally Friendly Dog Shampoo

Bodhi All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Review

Bodhi Dog Shampoo

best hypoallergenic dog shampoo

best hypoallergenic dog shampoo

Bodhi Dog Company specializes in providing pet owners with a huge range of eco friendly pet products.   If you are looking for all natural, best organic dog shampoo that is also eco friendly look no further. 

Bodhi All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is safe for puppies, kittens, and pregnant pets.  Bodhi Dog Shampoo contains no detergents or alcohol which can dry your pets skin and fur. 

They’ve also made sure to create a 100% non toxic shampoo.  There are no artificial fragrances, parabens, colors or preservatives.  Always read the ingredients to ensure it fits the definition of an eco friendly product. 

Bodhi offers a discount if you order 2 or more shampoos plus, if you order on a subscription you receive a small discount as well.

If your dog is allergic to gluten, grain or wheat, this shampoo contains oatmeal and should not be used on your pet.  Try one of the other recommended brands.  Bodhi Dog Company has a ton of pet products from doggie wraps to shampoo to odor and pet stain remover. 

View their line of products here: Bodhi Dog Company.


  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for all pets
  • Money back guarantee
  • No parabens
  • Alcohol and detergent free
  • Non irritating


  • Scent of green apple not very strong

Best Organic Dog Shampoo

4-Legger Organic Dog Shampoo Review

4 Legger Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

best hypoallergenic dog shampoo

When it comes to your pets, you want only the best for them. That is why many pet companies manufacture commercialized products for animals including toys, foods, and shampoos.

One of the best-selling dog shampoos today is 4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo.

4-Legger prides themselves on providing USDA certified organic dog shampoo.  Synthetic chemicals that could harm your pet in the long run aren’t used in creating the large line of 4-Legger pet products. 

best hypoallergenic dog shampoos

4 legger dog shampoo contains cedarwood essential oil which is a natural flea repellent.  It also moisturizes your pets coat and skin.  The all natural ingredients make 4 legger shampoo gentle on dogs and easy to lather and rinse off. 

Even with just one drop, 4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo creates a rich lather because it’s highly concentrated.

This means that dog owners that use 4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo should save money in the long run because they can use less product with each bath. 

While some pet owners are pleased with its lemon scent, a few users don’t like it because the smell is strong. The fragrance is subjective so it is up to you if you like it or not.

4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo is very affordable and every drop is worth it. Try it now to make your dog’s skin and hair healthier and shinier.  Not only is 4-Legger an amazing choice for your pet but also for the environment.

4 Legger makes everything from organic shampoo to paw balm for your pets.  View their product line here: 4-Legger


  • 100% USDA Certified Organic
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for dogs of all ages
  • Easy to rinse off


  • Some folks say the smell is really strong

Plant Based Dog Shampoo Without Oatmeal

Vet’s Best Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo Review

Vet’s Best

best hypoallergenic dog shampoo

Vet’s Best has got your covered for your dogs sensitive skin issues. One of the best dog shampoos for sensitive skin on the market.

This hypoallergenic dog shampoo is one of the best hypoallergenic dog shampoos on the market and it can play an important role in your dog’s hygiene as it removes any dirt and other allergens from your dog’s coat while calming their sensitive skin. 

For over 30 years, Vet’s Best has been providing plant-based ingredients to help solve your pets skin and fur issues.   Vet’s best hypoallergenic shampoo for dogs moisturizes and relieves itching with a soap free and tearless formula. 

It’s one of the best dog shampoos for skin allergies.

Dryness caused by using the wrong dog shampoo is a major cause of concern for dog owners who have dogs with sensitive skin. This could lead to itchy skin.  Vet’s Best is one of the best dog shampoos for itching caused by allergies.

By selecting one of the best hypoallergenic dog shampoos, skin dryness should not be a problem.  The ingredients in Vet’s Best Hypoallergenic Shampoo are safe on your pets skin, soothing and moisturizing as it cleans.

Any discomfort caused by grass, pollen and other skin allergies can be relieved by this product. Follow the manufacturers directions and it will prove to be highly effective in relieving your dog’s allergies.


  • Tearless
  • Soap Free
  • Doesn’t remove topical flea treatments


  • Not for cats
  • Not for pregnant or nursing dogs

Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo FAQs

How to use Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

  1. Get your dog thoroughly wet with warm water


  2. Apply evenly over your dog


  3. Lather and massage into your dogs coat, making sure to get right down to the skin


  4. Let shampoo sit for 3-5 minutes so the soothing ingredients really start to work (don’t forget the treats!)


  5. Rinse your dog well


  6. Keep your dog warm until they are dry


best hypoallergenic dog shampoos

What is Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo?

Hypoallergenic is not defined in legal or medical terms. Who determines that a shampoo is hypoallergenic.  Well, anyone really.

According to WebMD, hypoallergenic means that the dog shampoo that you are purchasing does not contain certain ingredients that are known to cause an allergic reaction in dogs. 

This does not mean that it is necessarily gentler on the skin or allergy proof. 

It is still recommended to only wash your dog once per month to ensure their skin does not become dry and irritated because frequent bathing strips the skin and fur of essential natural oils that protect it from the environment.

Unfortunately, there are no standards or rigorous testing done by 3rd parties to prove a dog shampoo is hypoallergenic. 

It is impossible to guarantee that a hypoallergenic dog shampoo  will never cause a reaction as each dog is different.   Remember to always read the ingredients for anything that you can’t pronounce or that your dog might be allergic to.

If in doubt, you should contact the manufacturer for full details about the ingredients. Do a spot test with the dog shampoo first and if there is a reaction, most manufacturers have a money back guarantee so keep your receipt.

Why use a Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo?  

Hypoallergenic shampoos for dogs are great to use because manufacturers will use only top quality ingredients that you can pronounce.   Something hypoallergenic would be the best dog shampoo for sensitive itchy skin.

Many ingredients will be 3rd party certified organic and all natural. 

Nearly all hypoallergenic shampoos will contain no soap, parabens, chemicals, dyes, or synthetic fragrance which does reduce the chance of a reaction.  BONUS: Most of them will also be environmentally friendly.

Hypoallergenic dog shampoo for human allergies?  

Fact.  Using a gentle dog shampoo that has all natural ingredients that doesn’t cause reaction in dogs will be gentle on humans too.

Does Your Dog Need a Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo?

If your dog has allergies or sensitivities, a hypoallergenic dog shampoo will be formulated with ingredients known for not causing reactions in most dogs.  It would be the best shampoo for a dog with itchy skin that isn’t caused by a medical condition.

To play it safe, we recommend always reading the ingredients on the shampoo and choosing one that is natural and hypoallergenic.

Ingredients to Avoid in Dog Shampoo: Known Irritants for Fido

Make sure to avoid the following ingredients when picking a pet shampoo:

  1. Artificial Colors
  2. Cocomide DEA of MEA
  3. Cocamidopropyl Betaine
  4. Formaldehyde 
  5. Fragrances
  6. Isopropyl Alcohol
  7. Isopropyl (SD-40)
  8. Methylchoroisothiazolinone 
  9. Methylparaben and Parabens
  10. Mineral Oil
  11. Phthalates
  12. Polythylene Glycol
  13. Polysorbates
  14. Propylene Glycol
  15. Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Ammonium Laureth Sulfate 

What does Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo do?

Hypoallergenic dog shampoo contains ingredients that are less likely to cause your dog to have an allergic reaction. It cleans your dog just like regular dog shampoo although it may not lather as much because typically, hypoallergenic dog shampoos do not contain soaps or detergents that can irritate your dog. 

Hypoallergenic dog shampoos can soothe irritated and inflamed skin, provide relief for flea bites, burns and hot spots.

Does Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo Work?

YES!  Some of the best selling and most effective dog shampoos are hypoallergenic. 

The natural and allergy reducing ingredients clean your dog just like any other brand of dog shampoo, but without all the chemicals, soaps and detergents.

What to Look for in a Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

Features of a Great Dog Shampoo

  • Vet recommended
  • Safe for all breeds
  • Natural ingredients
  • Soap and paraben free
  • Organic
  • Moisturizing ingredients like oatmeal, aloe and lanolin
  • Gentle cleans your pet
  • Concentrated

Limitations of Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

This type of dog shampoo won’t cure any yeast, ringworm, bacteria issues on your dog.  If your pooch has a basic skin issue like dry skin, dandruff or slight irritation, then it can help ease those symptoms.   Best talk to your vet if you notice that the skin issues aren’t going away after bathing your dog. 

They may need a medicated dog shampoo instead.

Will Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo Kill Fleas?

Any dog shampoo that you use will remove fleas from your pet.  

But, unless it actually claims to kill fleas and their eggs, then the fleas will not die.  You should choose one of the best flea shampoos if you have a flea problem.  

Check out our reviews of the Best 3 Flea and Tick Shampoos for Dogs Proven to Kill Fleas.

If you have a cat, check out the Top 4 Proven Best Flea Shampoos for Cats.

How to Make Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

If you’re keen, you can take a few basic ingredients from your kitchen cupboard and make your own hypoallergenic dog shampoo. Check out a basic dog shampoo recipe from our post HERE.

best hypoallergenic dog shampoos

Does Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo Expire?

Yes, hypoallergenic dog shampoos expire.  Most of the products that you use on your pet have an expiry date. 

Because hypoallergenic dog shampoos have natural ingredients (and may have no preservatives), they may actually expire sooner than regular dog shampoo. 

You will find the expiry date on the bottom or top of the bottle, or maybe on the label.  Using expired products could lead to the skin problem getting worse so please, don’t use expired products on your pets.

What is the Best Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo?

Every dog is different and the needs of their skin and fur can vary. 

The best selling hypoallergenic dog shampoo is Pro Pet Works because it is tested by vets and works great for pets with allergies to grass, food, and flea bites. 

It’s formulated specifically for itchy and dry skinned pets and can be used on all your pets including cats, rabbits and ferrets.

Can you use Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo on Cats?

No.  Unless the shampoo says on the bottle that it’s made for dogs AND cats, do not use any kind of dog shampoo on your cat.  It could contain ingredients that are poisonous to your cat and may injure them badly.  

Buy a shampoo like Pro Pet Works, that is formulated for both dogs and cats.

Still not sure which hypoallergenic dog shampoo to buy for your dog?  

Check out our top 10 best selling dog shampoo post below to help you choose!

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3 best flea and tick shampoos for dogs

So your dogs has Fleas!  What are the best 3 flea and tick shampoos for dogs proven effective to kill fleas?

Those disgusting, biting bugs that get into everything!  They can cause your dog to scratch themselves raw. 

The first line of defense is a good flea killing shampoo for dogs that kills those fleas dead on contact.

Best Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs Chart

Best Flea and Tick Shampoos for Dogs Reviews

Editor’s Choice Flea and Tick Products: Top Flea Shampoos

  1. Best Flea Kit TropiClean
  2. Best Selling Adams Plus
  3. ​Best Organic 4 Legger

best tick shampoos

TropiClean Natural Flea and Tick Defense Dog Shampoo Review

TropiClean Flea Kit: Best Flea Combo Kit

best flea and tick shampoo for dogs

TropiClean Features

  • Comes in a 2 pack: shampoo and spray
  • Safe for puppies 12 weeks and older
  • Repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes

This is a quality product from Tropiclean and provides protection from fleas and ticks. The ingredients are derived from all natural sources and are blended with lemon grass and sesame oil for maximizing the efficacy.

Tropiclean flea and tick shampoo is free from harsh and harmful chemicals like pyrethrin or permethrin. It is made from a natural formula and primarily made to treat fleas or ticks.

Tropiclean makes many products for dogs including breath fresheners and a puppy shampoo.  Check them out here: Tropiclean Products.

best dog flea and tick shampoos


  • Repels fleas and ticks with lemongrass and sesame oil
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Smells good
  • Safe for all breeds


  • 12 weeks and older only
  • Not for pets with sensitive skin
  • Can cause mild reaction in humans so wear gloves

Best Selling Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs Review

Adams Plus: Best Selling Flea and Tick Sha​​mpoo

best flea and tick shampoo for dogs

Adams Plus Features

  • Kills fleas, eggs, larvea, and ticks
  • PRECOR additive prevents against more fleas for up to 28 days
  • Lanolin and oatmeal moisturize and cleanse
  • Safe for all pets

does dog shampoo kill lice

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo with PRECOR is one of the best dog flea and tick shampoos on the market.  Concentrated and formulated from all natural ingredients such as oatmeal extract, coconut oil, aloe vera extract and lanolin.

These ingredients act as both cleansing and moisturizing agents, thereby leaving your dog’s fur clean, shiny and smooth after application of the product.  Adams not only kills fleas, it also deep cleans your dog, removing dirt and dander.

The additive PRECOR Insect Growth Regulator kills the adult fleas thereby hindering the life cycle of the same for the next 28 days.  Also, is best to use the shampoo only within 18 months after the date of packaging.

You can give your dog another flea bath right away if the infestation is bad, otherwise, Adams recommend every 7-14 days.   As always, do a spot check on your dog to make sure that they are not allergic to the ingredients in this shampoo.

Adams has a large selection of flea shampoos and products that are safe to use on dogs.  They are priced better than a lot of the competition, and the best price is online.   Adams is one of the best flea shampoos for dogs.

View more Adams Pet Care products here: Adams Pet Care

best flea and tick shampoo


  • Doesn’t leave a bad smell after application
  • Removes dirt and dander
  • All natural ingredients


  • Not so great in hot and humid conditions
  • Not for all breeds

Best Natural Flea Shampoo for Dogs

4 Legger: Natural Dog Shampoo Review

4 Legg​​er

best 3 flea and tick shampoos for dogs

Wahl Features

  • 100% vegan plant based ingredients
  • Concentrated and long lasting
  • Safe for Puppies under 12 weeks!
  • Safe for all breeds

4-legger products are free from toxins usually found in other pet grooming products.  This is another one of our top 10 dog shampoo picks that is not only good for your pet, but is also environmentally friendly. 

4-legger products are 100% USDA certified organic with no detergents, parabens or sulfates.  Their products are also biodegradable, vegan and cruelty free.  Fleas are repelled by using the natural lemongrass scent.

4-legger shampoos are making a name for themselves with vets and groomers due to their moisturizing and compatibility with the sensitive skin of dogs. All natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil along with essential oils from lemongrass and rosemary, add to the appeal for 4-legger products.

Visit 4 Legger for tons more healthy and safe products for your pets.  View their products here: 4 Legger.

best dog shampoo


  • No wet dog smell
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Non irritating
  • Safe for all breeds
  • Approved by Vets


  • Only repels fleas for about a week

Fleas FAQs

Fleas and Your Dogs Health

A flea infestation in your dog’s fur is a serious condition that should be given special attention.

These parasitic creatures persistently feed on the blood of your pet and the resulting bites leave them irritated and itchy. Your dog, like mine, could even be allergic to the bites and scratch themselves raw!

The skin infections caused by flea bites may also result in anemia which is a serious condition.

It’s a great idea to research the best flea and tick shampoos for dogs before deciding which one to use on your puppy or dog.

Quick Flea Facts

  • Fleas lay up to 50 eggs per day!
  • Flea eggs and larva must be exterminated, not just adult fleas or the flea life cycle will continue.
  • How long can fleas live?  Fleas live 2-3 months
  • They can go 100 days without food AKA blood that they get by biting your pets and family members
  • Pets can be allergic to the bites (flea saliva) and scratch themselves raw
  • Fleas can survive the cold, but not heat.  You can wash and dry your bedding on the highest setting and drown and kill the fleas

Learn more about those disgusting fleas in our post 10 crazy facts about fleas.

What is Flea Shampoo for dogs?

The best flea and tick shampoo for dogs are formulated to kill fleas, their eggs and any larvea that are on your dog.  They will also repel fleas using a combination of natural ingredients and insect repellents.

They will be gentle enough to use on your dog, but some are not made for puppies under 12 weeks.

Flea shampoo for dogs is exactly that.  It won’t solve an allergies, dry skin, itch or a medical problem your dog may have on their skin.

Will Flea Shampoo get Rid of Fleas on my Dog?

Do flea shampoos work for dogs? Yes!  Flea shampoo is made to kill the fleas on your dog.  But only that.  It is not a long term flea solution.Any fleas in the environment, like your house or yard, will not be dealt with.

Flea shampoos provide immediate relief by killing the fleas that are currently on your dog.  They should be used with a longer term solution like a flea collar, topical treatment and yard/furniture sprays.

Will Regular Dog Shampoo Kill Fleas?

Regular dog shampoo might drown the fleas currently on your dog, but not likely.  You need to buy a shampoo formulated by vet and pest control experts with ingredients that kill fleas, their eggs and larvae.

Can You Use Flea Shampoo and Frontline?

Most flea shampoos for dogs are made so that they don’t remove topical flea treatments like Frontline or Advantage.  Check if your flea shampoo works with topical flea treatments by reading the instructions before you give your dog a bath.

Is there a Tick Shampoo for Dogs?

Most flea shampoos also kill ticks.  They work against ticks in the same way they work against fleas.  They kill any ticks that are on your dog and also work to keep them off by repelling them.  Check the label on your flea shampoo to make sure it also works for ticks.  All 3 of our recommended best flea shampoos for dogs also work to keep ticks off y our dog.

Homemade Flea Shampoos for Dogs: Flea Shampoo for Dogs DIY

Dog flea shampoos are medicated products that are formulated in such a way that not only kill the fleas and ticks but also clean your dogs fur.

In some instances, pet owners opt for homemade anti-flea shampoos.  These natural flea and tick shampoos are easy to make with ingredients you have lying around the house.

Giving a dog a flea bath in vinegar, liquid dishwashing soap and warm water may remove the itchiness for the time being, but the same is not a permanent solution.  Natural flea shampoos will also require a ton of brushing and combing.  Homemade flea shampoo is good in a pinch, if you want to give your dog some quick relief.  But we recommend going for a long term solution.

A more effective solution is to opt for a medicated anti-flea shampoo with a flea collar or a topical treatment.  Don’t forget to treat your house too, that’s where most of the fleas are actually living!

Do Flea Shampoos Work?

Does dog shampoo kill fleas?

Yes!  Flea shampoos for dogs are part of a flea control strategy that can also include flea collars, topical flea treatments, flea and tick combs, and furniture sprays.

But you can’t use any dog shampoo and think that will help to get rid of the fleas on your pet.  You must buy a dog shampoo specifically for killing fleas.

The best flea shampoos work to stop the flea life cycle.  How do flea shampoo work?  They work by killing not only the live adult fleas on your dog, but they also kill the eggs and larva and also repel fleas off your pooch.

This is done with an insect growth regulator such as PRECOR or  a more natural approach such as citrus to repel the fleas.

In order to rid yourself of your flea problem, not only will you have to treat your dog, you will have to invest some time and money into flea control and prevention.

Flea collars, topical treatments, furniture sprays, vacuuming and washing bedding will have to be done consistently to rid yourself of your flea problem.

Does Baby Shampoo Kill Fleas on Dogs?

While you may drown a few fleas here and there just by using baby shampoo on your dog, this won’t really do anything to the fleas on your dog and is just a waste of time.  Bathing a dog helps to get rid of fleas only when you use a flea control shampoo.

How Long Does Flea Shampoo Take to Work?

Flea shampoo works right away to kill the fleas, eggs, and larvae that are on your dog.  What it doesn’t do it kill all the fleas that are in your house and yard.  It also doesn’t form some invisible flea barrier that keeps fleas from jumping onto your dog.

For long term flea control, you will need one of the products we recommended above: Advantix II,  Seresto, Revolution Etc.

best flea and tick shampoo for dogs

How Often Can You Flea Dip Your Dog?

A flea dip sometimes gets confused with a flea bath.  Flea dips are a substance that you put onto your dog and you don’t rinse off.  They are old school and not as effective (and much more toxic) than the treatments we now have available.

Instead of a flea dip, we recommend using the products below to control fleas.


Other Ways to Control Fleas on Your Dog


Advantix II

 how often should i bathe my dog in flea shampoo

I have used both Advantage/Advantix and Revolution for my flea issues.

I found that the fleas were not being killed by Advantage any more so I switched to Revolution.

Depending on where you live, you may need to get a prescription from your vet. Revolution is a safe and simple monthly topical medication used to protect your dog or cat from heartworms, fleas, and ear mites.

Revolution is also used on dogs for the treatment or prevention of fleas, the American Dog Tick, ear mites, and canine sarcoptic mange.  It should only be used on dogs older than 6 weeks.

Never use use your dogs topical flea treatments on your cat: they contain ingredients that will seriously harm your cat.  Only use products that are made specifically for your cat.

Where to buy:

Seresto Flea Collars

seresto flea collar

This top selling Seresto flea and tick collar comes recommended by Vets.  It provides a low concentrated continuous release for 8 months of protection.  If you don’t like the idea of medications or topical flea treatments this one may be for you.

VetKem Spray

vetkem flea spray

I personally have found a ton of success using a spray called VetKem. I would consider it the best flea spray for your home on the market. 

My 2 pets were infested and the fleas were jumping all over me when I sat on the furniture!  GROSS! 

I sprayed VetKem in the furniture and the carpets as well.  Don’t forget to take off the cushions and pillows and get right inside the dark cracks where fleas love to hide and wait for their next victim.

I also sprayed in the cracks by the floorboards. One can does go a long way, so the cost is worth it.  It kills all fleas, eggs and larva for up to 7-8 months. 

Of course, you can’t stop there.  You will need to use human power. Good old fashioned elbow grease! You will have to vacuum your carpets (or sweep your floor) and furniture DAILY. 

Spray some vet kem and put some salt in your vacuum bag or canister to kill those fleas that get sucked up.  Maybe I went a little crazy.  But all the effort paid off and within a week or so all of the fleas were DEAD.

Is Flea Shampoo Safe for Dogs?

Flea shampoo is safe for dogs.  Companies that manufacture flea shampoos for dogs know their stuff.  They formulate their dog shampoos with ingredients that are deadly to fleas yet gentle on your dog. 

They do this by hiring Vets and pest experts to ensure you get the best quality product possible. Flea shampoo for dogs from dollar general or family dollar is a no go. 

Do NOT skimp out and be cheap with your pets health.  Spending an extra 5$ could mean the difference between a healthy happy cat or a $1,000 vet bill and health problems for life.  Just.don’

The flea shampoo that you use may not be safe for your puppy.  Make sure to use an alternative flea treatment and purchase a flea shampoo specially formulated to be gentle on your puppy such as Wahls Products.

What to Look for when Buying Flea Shampoo for Dogs

Best Flea and Tick Shampoo Features

  • Safe for your breed
  • Kills fleas, ticks, eggs and larvae
  • Natural ingredients
  • Vet approved
  • Long lasting
  • Smells good
  • Non toxic
  • Non irritating
  • Expiry date far into the future
  • Repels fleas

How to Check your Dog for Fleas

An effective anti-flea medicated product kills the adult fleas ending the flea’s life cycle, thereby alleviating your dog from discomfort.

Anti-flea shampoo can be used like a regular product and it doesn’t cause any harm to the dog’s coat and skin.  The same can be used with a spot on treatment product or with a flea collar for more effective treatment. 

The video below will show you how to check your pet for fleas so that you can be sure before treating them unnecessarily.

You should look for flea dirt on your pets skin, searching the areas around the neck and head first.  Flea dirt looks like tiny specs of black dirt. 

If you take the dirt and rub it on a white piece of paper, it will streak red!  It is actually flea poop (disgusting I know) and it is made up of your pets blood! 

You can also use a flea comb to comb through your pets fur.  The flea comb will pick up flea dirt, eggs and even fleas.  Make sure to give you pet a flea bath if you find anything!

It is always good to use natural products to ensure they leave no harmful damage on the pet. However, it is always a good idea to consult a veterinarian before using the product on your pet, especially nursing and pregnant dogs.

Do not use dog flea control products on cats; they contain ingredients that are toxic to your feline friends. 

Always read the label and make sure the product you purchase is good for all pets.  If in doubt, contact the manufacturer or your vets office for advice.

If you are looking for the best flea shampoo for cats, check out our recent post where we review the top 4 flea shampoos for cats that are proven effective: Top 4 Proven Best Flea Shampoos for Cats.

Does Flea Shampoo for Dogs Expire?

YES!  Using an expired dog shampoo may make your dogs skin problem worse and no one wants that.  Remember that dogs have more sensitive skin than humans, and any kind of negligence can harm their skin in a major way.  It is best to avoid any product that has passed its expiry date.

You must pay attention to the expiry date purchasing a dog flea shampoo.

It’s important to make sure that the container has not been tampered with.  Also, double check the expiry date and make sure the date is far into the future. 

Where is the expiration date on dog shampoo? Just like products made for humans, it should be printed and visible

  • on the bottom of the bottle
  • on the lid
  • on the side 

How long is dog shampoo good for?  Well, the depends on the product. 

A medicated shampoo for fleas and ticks or skin conditions, or an all natural shampoo without preservatives, may have a shorter expiry date than other commercial dog shampoos.

Keep your receipt!  This will come in handy if your dog reacts badly to the shampoo and you need to return it.

How do I give my Dog a Flea Bath

First step is to make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle.

 1. Get your pet thoroughly wet.2. Using about 1-2 tablespoons, lather up your pet, starting with the neck, tail area and paws and make sure to massage the shampoo down to the skin.3. Lather up the rest of your pet and4. Leave the shampoo on for 5-10 minutes (make sure to have treats or a helper handy!).         5.  Dry your pet thoroughly6.  Comb or brush your pet with a flea comb and get all those dead fleas and eggs out of your dogs coat.

How often can you Bathe your dog with Flea Shampoo?

If your pet has a big flea problem, you can give them another bath right away, otherwise every 7-14 days is recommended by most manufacturers. You do not want to bathe your pet everyday, this will dry out their skin and fur and your dog may end up having skin AND flea problems.  Make sure to wait 24 hours after applying a topical flea treatment before you dip your dog in a flea bath. Flea killing shampoo for dogs along with flea collars, flea combs, furniture sprays, and topical treatments will rid your home of fleas and prevent fleas from returning.  Most manufacturers of flea shampoos for dogs also have a line of total flea control products such as Adams, which makes everything from flea shampoo for pets, to flea collars, to flea sprays for furniture and your yard.  Attacking your flea problem from all angles, makes sure to get it under control fast. Read our post that goes into detail about how often you can bathe your dog in flea shampoo.

Can Flea Shampoo for Dogs be Used on Cats?

No.  Unless the product states on the bottle that it can be used on cats and dogs, then do not use it on your cat.  You will have to buy a product that is specially formulated for cats.

Ingredients such pyrethrins that are found in flea killing shampoo for dogs can seriously harm or even kill your cat. 

If you do not use a flea shampoo specifically made for cats, or flea products made for cats in general, they can make your cat very sick. This can cause your cat to experience nerve damage and even death. 

You might also wonder if you can use a flea shampoo for cats on your dog?  The answer is the same: unless the product specifically says it is for BOTH cats and dogs, do not use it on your pooch.  It could seriously harm or even kill your dog. 

Even then, we recommend reading the ingredients list to ensure that nothing in the flea shampoo could harm your cat or dog.  We review the Top 4 Proven Best flea shampoos for cats in our post here.

Dollar Store Flea Shampoo for Dogs

This is another no no.  Trying to save a few bucks on your pets shampoo can cost them their health.  Save yourself the pain and sadness, and a few $1,000 in vet bills, and buy a reputable shampoo such as the ones above.

Flea Shampoo for Puppies

Puppies, especially those under 12 weeks of age, are particularly vulnerable (because they are so little) to the flea killing ingredients in flea control products. 

Try the alternatives above if you find fleas on your puppy and consult your vet if you can’t get rid of them yourself.

Alternative to Flea Shampoo for Dogs

If you do not want to use flea shampoo on your dog (maybe it is too young or pregnant or otherwise sick) there are alternative flea treatments you can use. 

Alternatives to flea shampoo for dogs include using Dawn dish detergent, diatomaceous earth in your yard, throwing down Borax or salt onto your carpets/floors and vacuuming/sweeping regularly, flea collars, topical flea treatments and furniture sprays. 

Flea Shampoo for Pregnant Dogs

In this instance, I would recommend using other methods of removing fleas from your dog instead of a shampoo that contains flea killing ingredients.  Try a flea comb, dawn dish detergent and treat the furniture/bedding with flea sprays. 

Remember that most of your flea problem comes from the fleas, eggs and larva in your home, not the ones on your pet. 

Reducing or eliminating the fleas in your home and on your pregnant dog will reduce the chances that the puppies will end up with fleas.  Consult your vet for further information.


The large number of options available in the market today complicates the process of choosing the appropriate product for your pooch.

There are a ton of flea and tick killing products and a huge number of ingredient choices and special additives available in the products that caters to specific needs of the pet owners poses can make it difficult to choose what is right for you and your pet.

We took a look at the best 3 flea and tick shampoos on the market, judged by customers just like you.

If you are looking for the best selling flea and tick solution, then choose Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo.  With an insect growth regulator, you may only have to give your dog a flea bath once a month!

If a strong and effective product is your choice, that is all natural and offers protection from parasitic insects without the detrimental effects you can opt for TropiClean Natural Flea and Tick Defense Shampoo.

For a milder yet effective product that can offer extensive protection against fleas, ticks and is also gentle on the skin of your dog, the 4 Legger Dog Shampoo is the ideal choice.

Do you have a tip or trick to fight fleas and ticks on your pets?  Share it with us in the comments below.

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